Manufacturing medicines is important

The UK remains an important manufacturing location for pharmaceutical companies.
Scientist looking at a bottle of medicines in a laboratory

The UK is traditionally a base for high quality pharmaceutical manufacturing, particularly of innovative medicinal products and delivery systems. 


Access to skills and knowledge, a robust legal system for the protection of Intellectual Property (IP), and world class manufacturing capability have contributed to making the UK a centre for discovery and development of new medicinal products.
In the recent past, the UK has been a highly successful centre in the area of large molecules and biological innovation, and future investment in the pharmaceutical manufacturing capability in the UK to exploit this success will be encouraged.


TheAnnual Business Inquiry report published by the Office for National Statistics shows that the number of enterprises for manufacturing pharmaceuticals (basic pharmaceutical products and preparations) increased from 375 in 2008 to 461 in 2009*. 

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*Source: ONS Annual Business Inquiry, Sections C – Manufacturing, Release Date 16/11/2010.


Case study

Pharmaceutical Technologist

Pharmaceutical Technologist case studyI support manufacturing areas by problem solving when pieces of kit go down, and by monitoring the processes involved and raw materials.