False offers of Employment with ABPI

​It has come to our attention that a third party is emailing individuals purporting to offer them employment with organisations such as ABPI (Pharmaceutical Company) and British Pharmaceutical Industry.

In some instances the email has been accompanied by a Notification of Appointment signed by Mr. Benjamin Mark, Project Administrator, ABPI United Kingdom, and by Dr. Patrick Donald, Recruiter.  ABPI does not employ anyone with those names.  In one instance the recipient was asked to complete a detailed questionnaire which included giving details of name, parents’ names, passport number; photographs and other person details which purported to come from the UK Immigration authorities. In another instance, a candidate has been asked to supply money.

Some of these emails make use of the ABPI registered trademark and logo, and the ABPI address, making it appear as if the offer of employment might come from ABPI itself.

We are most concerned about these documents.  ABPI does not offer a job without the candidate first having been interviewed by us and we never ask a candidate for money.  Please be advised that ABPI is not associated with the offers of employment referred to above.  We do not know the identity of those making use of ABPI details, and have referred the matter to the police.  Please do not supply any money or personal details in response to these false offers.

Carol Wilson
Legal Director and Secretary of the ABPI
7th Floor, Southside
105 Victoria Street