Science teachers

Increasingly, teachers are being asked for information by students considering studying science in further or higher education, or wanting to work in a science based career.
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​Not only science teachers, but maths, design and technology teachers, tutors and, of course, those responsible for careers resources in schools and colleges need to know about careers for those interested in science.

However, the need is particularly acute for science teachers as the new GCSE and A level science specifications demand a greater knowledge of jobs using science.

Finding up to date, appropriate, information is not always easy. Hence many students, teachers, and even careers advisors, are unaware of the wide range of exciting careers in science beyond those that feature prominently in TV programmes!

Information on this website is available through looking at the types of jobs individuals do and information on different aspects of the industry – research and development, manufacturing, commercial and support areas.

"In deciding to apply for a higher education course around a quarter, 26%, agreed or strongly agreed that they needed more help and advice in choosing which course to study, and there appears to be a shortfall in the careers advice applicants received from schools."
Futuretrack 2006


Case study

Public Relations Officer

Val, Public Relations Officer, smilingI started at the company working in technical support – so using my PhD – then moved through a variety of international sales and marketing roles, changing to communications four years ago.