Postgraduate and post-doctoral researchers

The skills and competencies you have learned through carrying out a research project will be valuable if you want to move into industry.

‚ÄčThere are a number of exciting opportunities for those who have continued their studies beyond undergraduate level in research areas relevant to the discovery, development and supply of medicines. In general the subject of your research is not as important as the skills you have developed through it. Select the area of interest for further information:

Employers in the pharmaceutical industry usually prefer applicants who have had previous exposure to the type of position applied for - whether through work experience or other similar way. The section on Getting experience gives advice on this issue.

Explore Working in the industry for a taste of the many potential career areas you could pursue within the pharmaceutical industry.

The Pharmaceutical recruiters section of the website links to a list of potential employers.


Case study

Biologist (DPMK)

Biologist Post-graduate qualifications aided my early career progression and also meant that I started at a grade higher than fresh graduates.