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‚ÄčHere you will find information on the choices you will need to make for a job in the field of medicines research.

Most people know what a doctor does, or a nurse, dentist or vet. But many people are not sure what a research chemist does, or what a pharmacologist is. If you enjoy studying science then it is useful to know about all the alternative subjects you could study, and the careers they lead to.

This website looks at the different jobs scientists do working to create new medicines to treat disease. To find out how the science learnt at school could lead to a career developing new medicines, select one of these links:

You are likely to have many options open to you at school and college, and there is often very little expert guidance available on what to choose, and what effect that choice will have. Although we are unable to provide guidance to individuals, we have identified a few important things to consider when you are selecting subjects to study at school, college and university:

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