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Choosing whether to go to university and what to study there can be hard. It is worth spending time investigating what the options are.

One thing you will see when you browse this site is the wide variety of different roles you can have. Although some people who work in the industry are pharmacists, doctors or engineers, many others have studied a variety of fascinating science subjects such as biochemistry, pharmacology, cell biology or immunology.

Chemists play a really important role in both the discovery of new medicines and their development. There are roles for chemists from deciding what the shape of the molecule should be to be a successful medicine, to making the active compound on a large scale. Analytical chemists may help to decide what the structure is of a substance that has been made, or may analyse batches of the final product before they are released for sale (or one of many jobs in between).

To help you choose your next step, explore Considering university?

But perhaps full-time university study isn't for you. Some companies take on school leavers with A-levels who start out as technicians on their manufacturing sites or research labs and study part time, to find out more take a look at Apprenticeships.