Studying for a pharmacy degree?

A collaborative pharmaceutical industry brochure has been produced for undergraduate pharmacy students who may be considering a career in the pharmaceutical industry.

 The brochure is a reference guide for undergraduate and pre-registration pharmacists and includes information about the industry and the training that is available. 

The brochure is designed to:
  • Be informative by providing information on topics such as GPhC requirements for industry pre-registration pharmacists
  • Provide an overview of Research & Development in the Pharmaceutical Industry and explain how you can be part of delivering new medicines to patients
  • Highlight the companies that provide pre-registration training and provide information on their specific training and application process
  • Answer some of your frequently asked questions about pre-registration training in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Describe some of the many roles available to pharmacists in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Help you find more information with suggested web links and assistance on applying for pre-registration positions and interviews




















Case study

Pharmacist (pre-registration)

John, Pharmacist (pre-registration), working in a laboratoryI have been surprised by the number of pharmacists I have come across, they are literally everywhere from discovery to marketing.