Three undergraduate students

Once you have embarked on a university degree there are still choices to be made.

Undergraduate degrees with the same (or similar) title may vary widely in their content and, by choosing particular modules during your study, you can tailor your course to cover what you want. Choices of this type make for an interesting programme, but what are the right choices for getting the job you want when you graduate?

Explore Choices during my degree for the industry's perspective to this question.

Take a look at how studying a biology or chemistry based degree can equip you for a career in the pharmaceutical industry:

Getting experience gives some handy tips on finding work experience, whilst Master, PhD or a job? will help you consider the next step.

For information and links to potential employers within the pharmaceutical industry, visit Finding employment.


Case study

Regulatory Associate

Peter, Regulatory Associate, sitting at his deskPeople are very friendly in all departments and because of the interaction with different departments you get to know lots of different people.