ABPI Manifesto for Investment, Health and Growth

ABPI Manifesto for Investment, Health and Growth

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The innovative pharmaceutical industry has the potential to drive the health and wealth of the UK. It already makes a significant contribution to UK research and development (R&D) investment, worth around £9 billion in 2022.1 The medicines and vaccines our industry develops are transformative for public health, patients and the NHS.

This manifesto sets out the ABPI’s vision for how the UK can overtake its global competitors. Implementing these proposals will create a virtuous cycle, where investment in medicines and research accelerates future waves of innovation and attracts an increased UK share of global R&D.

Delivering these proposals requires a true partnership between industry and government, centred on the principles of collaboration, transparency of delivery, and a unified approach to health and growth.

1. ONS Business enterprise research and development, UK: 2022

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